4 tips to optimize the SEO of your website

Optimizing the natural SEO of your website will help, among other things, to improve the visibility of your brand, increase the notoriety of your business online, and attract potential customers to you. To bring a page of your website or your entire site into the first results of search engines (Google in particular), you must implement a set of actions.

In this article, you will discover 3 simple, but very effective actions to apply to start pushing the pages of your site in the SERP or on the first page of Google.

Choose a good keyword strategy for your site

To enable your website or its pages to properly move up in the search engine rankings, you must first define the keywords on which you will work or position yourself. This is an essential step in a site’s web referencing strategy.

List the majority of keywords related to your activity, products, or services that Internet users can type to easily come across your website. For more efficiency, also think about developing a good “ Long tail SEO ” strategy which will allow you to position yourself well on low-key keywords. research. At this stage, you can use tools like Google Trends, Keywords Planner, Mazen, Yooda Insight a>, or SEMrush.

Offer a fully responsive site

The idea is to offer visitors a responsive design site, that is to say, a platform that adapts to the main categories of devices used by Internet users (PC, tablet, and ordinary mobile). This technology displays the pages of your website in an optimal and personalized way depending on the type of device each Internet user uses to consult your website.

Internet users’ habits only change over time. To continue to provide them with a worthy experience, you must follow the trend. More and more people are using tablets, connected watches, smartphones, and smart TVs to connect to the sites of their choice. By offering them a responsive platform that adapts to different screen sizes, they will be more inclined to revisit your site or add it to their favorite if its content answers their questions.

Applying this advice will allow you to:

  • increase the volume of visits via mobile devices;
  • to reduce the bounce rate of Internet users on your website;
  • and optimize its SEO in search engines.

Write metadata and content that appeals to everyone

The title and meta description tags of a web page allow Internet users to know in a few seconds whether its content is interesting or not. To attract as many Internet users as possible to your pages, make sure to write a captivating meta title tag as well as a relevant meta description for each of your pages. These must encourage Internet users to click on the link to visit the page in question. They must also contain the right keywords to allow search engines to determine what the page is about and rank it according to its relevance.

To avoid disappointing either Internet users or search engine robots who will analyze your site to ensure the veracity of your meta tags, make sure that they are consistent with the content of the page. There are a certain number of characters to respect so that each meta tag is well-referenced. If you have not installed an SEO extension on your website, always consider using an online SERP simulator. Regarding content, it is essential to avoid duplicate content on your website.

Refrain from duplicate content

Search engines appreciate unique, qualitative content that answers Internet users’ questions. If you cut/paste content from another site onto yours, known as duplicate content, you risk annoying search engine robots and receiving penalties in return. The only way to stand out from your competitors, please Internet users and climb the search engine rankings is to offer content (texts, images, or videos) unique with high added value on each page.

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