Attract High-CPC Advertisers with Startup Success in 2024


Introduction: Angel investing is a thrilling journey that includes financially backing early-degree startups in trade for equity. As an angel investor, the goal is to guide promising ventures and achieve full-size returns on investment. In the dynamic panorama of startup subculture, success stories function as beacons, attracting no longer simply buyers but also excessive-CPC (Cost … Read more

Who is Aurone, the number 1 digital marketing agency in SEO and SEA?

Aurone is a digital marketing agency of reference in terms of SEO and SEA. With 15 years of experience in the field, the agency has the merit of mastering both natural referencing and paid referencing. Thanks to its expertise, Aurone can make your site visible on Google, but not only that. Below is an update on the strengths … Read more

SEO for e-commerce: what is its importance and strategies?

If you want to increase traffic and sales on your ecommerce site, on-page SEO is an essential first step. There are plenty of articles and tutorials on the web offering general SEO advice, but far fewer that specifically address the needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Today we would like to give you a basic understanding of … Read more

Optimize the visibility of your business on the web: how to do it?

Your business must be visible on the internet to enhance its brand image and develop according to the rules. In addition, competition is tough in the market. Different actions can be implemented to achieve this. Some classic options are still in the spotlight, but other solutions can also be applied to obtain more conversions on … Read more

Fake reviews on Google: how to react?

Have you just been surprised to discover a fake review on your Google My Business listing? It is necessary to act quickly because a fake Google review can have consequences on your online reputation and your natural referencing. Regarding this point, do not hesitate to call on a web editor who can support the SEO optimization of your articles … Read more

The authenticity of customer reviews: how to detect and avoid fake reviews?

How to detect fake customer reviews and avoid them? Consumers’ ability to detect fake customer reviews greatly depends on their ability to avoid the pitfalls of misinformation and make informed decisions when purchasing online. It is therefore essential for any buyer of an online product or service to know the techniques and strategies through which … Read more