Is it worth recruiting an intern to develop your SEO?

Interns are the young shoots of the business world. Sometimes wrongly considered as jacks of all trades, they constitute an important link in the work chain.

When they are competent and passionate about what they do, they can even prove indispensable for certain tasks. You are wondering if it is interesting to recruit an intern to ensure your SEO. This article provides the answer to your concerns.

Discounted labor

The intern is a professional in the making. Although he has not yet completed his training, he has mastered, even if only theoretically, the basics of the profession. It can sometimes be difficult to recruit an accomplished professional to ensure your SEO, especially if you are a new start-up and you do not have a large budget to allocate to this. On the other hand, giving interns a chance won’t cost you as much. They are always motivated to learn and make some income. Isn’t that great?

If you want to give it a try and allow one of them to discover the business world,

A fresh look

Usually very curious and intuitive, interns can be a real plus for your company. They sometimes have very good ideas and will be able to bring a fresh perspective on what is being done to make the work even more perfect. Their experience does not prevent them from sometimes giving very wise advice on a certain number of subjects. So don’t hesitate to take a closer look at the ideas they offer you to improve your productivity.

An opportunity to recycle

Everyone knows that the strength of trainees lies in the theoretical knowledge that they have stored through reading books and course manuals. They sometimes like to brag about what is in their head, even though they have difficulty applying it practically. The fact remains that they are sometimes better informed than you on certain subjects. So don’t hesitate to ask them questions, of course in a subtle way to update your knowledge on new SEO trends.

If you don’t have enough time to learn certain topics yourself, make them presentation topics for your intern to present. You will thus kill two birds with one stone: you will train him and you will learn.

An opportunity to share your knowledge and lighten your workload

If you have a large workload and are working on several fronts at once, it might be wise and cost-effective for you to delegate certain tasks to your intern. However, take care to check what it does, because its results impact the image of your company. Indeed, without coaching, your trainee will learn nothing and you will still have to correct their mistakes.

After having supervised him on several missions of the same type and he has acquired a certain mastery, you can now let him go it alone. This will boost his self-confidence. You can also test his reactivity by giving him average tasks to see how he will go about solving them. Then take stock of the tasks he did well and those he did less well.

This will allow you to better monitor its progress. Remember that it is by giving that you will enrich yourself, and it is by sharing your experience that you will best preserve what you have acquired. So don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with your intern. Tell yourself that you are participating in the training of the future elite. You will not be disappointed with the experience, it is so enriching.

Staff to do the dirty work?

Making coffee and managing photocopies are no longer tasks dedicated to interns. Times have changed, and fortunately! You will sign a tripartite agreement that will describe (summarily) the mission(s) that you wish to entrust to the selected student. Your future intern’s school will validate (or not) what you plan to have your intern do. Of course, since the student is there to learn, it is customary for him or her to also participate in menial tasks in the context of referencing, such as:

  • writing landing pages on those areas that don’t inspire you too much;
  • the creation of backlinks for registrations in directories;
  • the blog management that motivates you so much, etc.

You can give interns any tasks that tire you out and that fall within their area of ​​expertise. As noted above, still take the time to check what they are doing.

Interns, most of whom have no experience, can be a real plus for your company if you take the time to teach them the ropes. They will then be able to become autonomous and do the work of a true professional without costing you a lot of money.

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