Local SEO: essential in SEO?

Optimizing the visibility of a site on search engines is a fundamental necessity for generating traffic. This is why natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to display your site on the first pages.

Search engines rely on numerous criteria for site positioning. In addition to user experience, content quality, keywords used, and backlinks, local SEO is also important. But what is it exactly?

Local SEO: what is it?

Local SEO is one of the natural SEO strategies that contribute to optimizing the visibility of your site. Local SEO stands out because it focuses on SEO in a particular geographic area, where your business is located.

The geolocation of your activity via local SEO allows you to target your catchment area effectively. It is particularly aimed at businesses working locally, such as local shops and services or the liberal professions. Good positioning at the local level boosts your chances of attracting new customers. Trusting your SEO agency in Belgium if you reside in this country will therefore be relevant, just as you will do in France if this is your location. exercise. This will be the best way to exploit this visibility lever.

How does local SEO work?

If the geographic precision is not indicated during the search, Google is responsible for linking the keywords mentioned and the geographical position of the Internet user< /span> sent by the geolocation of your device or its GPS. The search engine then displays the corresponding results, geolocated according to the user’s location. This implies that results will vary from one position to another.

However, if the search includes the geographical position, such as “hairdresser in Paris 12”, Google will display the same result, regardless of the geographical position of the Internet user. In this example, these will be all hairdressers located in Paris 12.

The benefits of local SEO

Using an SEO agency in Belgium to improve your local SEO has many advantages for your business. This is a perfect way to reach potential targets around where your business is located. Quite simply because half of smartphone users who perform a local search visit the physical point of sale within 24 hours.

Local SEO also helps improve your brand image. Customers have the opportunity to leave reviews regarding your offers and services, and positive reviews will solidify your reliability among prospects.

The Importance of Google My Business

Having a Google My Business listing is essential to successfully carry out the local referencing of your business. This tool has the advantage of being free, but it also allows you to provide all the essential information about yourself: contacts, addresses, websites, social networks, etc. In addition to boosting your visibility thanks to geolocation, it helps you to build a solid reputation with your prospects. Customers can give you ratings and post their reviews. Furthermore, the connection of this tool to the Google ecosystem makes it easier to integrate your company address into your Google Ads advertisements. So you will have understood, that local SEO is an essential strategy in terms of natural SEO! It is strongly recommended to use your SEO agency in Belgium to optimize your listing as much as possible and not miss out on interesting opportunities.

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