All companies on the internet want to increase their visibility. To achieve this, it is about being positioned at the top of the pages of search engines, particularly Google. The need is so acute that every day, numerous sites are put online. In this vast jungle that is the web, you need to be able to give your site a window to make it more visible. The only way is natural referencing. In English, it is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Succeeding in natural referencing is a long and winding process. It is therefore important to have the right method to achieve this. Here we suggest you go over the necessary basics. But above all, you will agree at the end of this article of the need to be trained. 

Everything you need to know about natural referencing

Understand how Google works

Your understanding of how search engines work is essential when you get started. In 2017,  Google accounted for 90% market share of search engines. He is therefore the perfect example. To rank the pages of search results, the search engine uses an algorithm.

Before serving the Internet user a page in response to their request, the American giant takes several criteria into account. The search engine itself classifies quality sites, that is to say, sites accessible to everyone on any medium. To successfully sort this, Google uses two filters: Google Panda and Google Penguin.

The first of the two filters (Google Panda) has the role of eliminating from the list sites that do not meet Google standards. As for the other filter (Google Penguin implemented in 2012), it mainly focuses on bad SEO practices such as netlinking. But we shouldn’t stop at these two filters. Google is a search engine that is constantly evolving.

For the world leader in internet search, around 500 optimizations of its algorithms are expected each year. You must therefore constantly update your knowledge.  Continuing training is therefore essential.

The fundamentals of SEO

Based on the expectations of Google algorithms, a well-referenced site could be represented by a pyramid-shaped structure. Each piece of construction is important to position your site in the top 3 results pages of a search engine. Among the points to work on, we must first consider the content of the site. To be well-referenced, your site must have good-quality content.

In fact, the goal pursued by search engine robots will be to find and offer Internet users pages whose content effectively responds to their queries. Relevant content, structured by titles, and subtitles and optimized by internal networking are all good practices that search engines take into account.

In addition to having quality content, you must increase the notoriety of your site. This requires good traffic management. Incoming external links are your best weapons in this regard. This involves implementing a netlinking strategy. The more external links linking to your site with relevant content, the better your chances of appearing in the first Google results. However, only quality training can guide you.

The technical structure of a site is also important to take into account when working on its natural reinforcement. By technical structure, we mean everything that makes the site look good and makes it easy to consult. These are a site map, breadcrumbs at the top or bottom of the page, a personalized 404 page, an improvement of the site crawl, etc. Technical updates are also very important. Work on making your site quick to access and accessible on any browser.

Tools to use in natural referencing

There are several types of tools that you can use depending on the model to be studied. You can look at keywords, positioning, competitive analysis, content quality, technical malfunctions, potential traffic, etc. To achieve this, Google provides several tools such as the keyword planner, the search console< an i=4>, Google My Business, etc.

A real need for training to be a professional

Given all of the above, all this seems confusing to you because you probably realize that natural referencing is delicate work. It requires a good knowledge of search engines as well as the criteria they take into account. There is therefore a real need for training in this area. But above all, we recommend real training which provides the basics and makes you a professional in the field. You can therefore follow actual training with a renowned SEO consultant who is in high demand in the field.

It may also be interesting to participate in online natural referencing training to obtain all the information and techniques that a “referrer” might forward you. It’s a way to save time and regularly access the content offered

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