The world of SEO and trends for 2024

Every year, reaching the top of a search engine ranking becomes longer and more difficult. First of all, competition is intensifying.

Second, search engines regularly add fuel to the fire when they announce new updates. Today, it is almost impossible to calculate all the ranking factors and determine which ones are the most important and meaningful. But we are going to tell you about SEO trends in 2023.

Focus on algorithms

The vector of promotion is moving more and more towards the development of the site for the artificial intelligence of search engines. Now, search engine promotion prioritizes content quality, structure, expertise, and relevance. With its BERT algorithm, Google examines the context and helps users find texts that are not only relevant but also semantically related to the query.

Focus on the user

It is not enough to write the text, the content must answer all the potential questions of your audience. Therefore, the focus is always on the content – ​​the user’s intent. Search engines determine this by analyzing behavior: leaving the page, modifying the query, and clarification. Depending on the content of the site and the type of query, users see sites offering services, online stores, articles, etc. appear in the results.

From time to time, search engines modify content, which may cause pages to appear lower in ranking. Theory alone is not enough for successful promotion – it is important to consider the pitfalls. For example, Google interprets the meaning of information queries in its way, and pages with different intentions may appear in the results. Therefore, a universal tactic that will always be relevant – giving the user the best response to the content – ​​remains a priority.

Developing a website without considering SEO is a mistake

Websites created without the intervention of an SEO optimizer do not meet several search engine requirements. research. This leads to poor page rankings and promotion issues. Revisions are often comparable to the cost of development because you have to change the basic elements of the site: structure, content, and usability.

SEO doesn’t guarantee a top-10 ranking in the first month, but it allows you to bypass sites that aren’t designed with Google in mind. For example, search engines favor pages that are accessible in just a few clicks from the home page. So, without a well-designed structure, they will not achieve high positions in the rankings.

And this is just one of the elements to take into account when promoting SEO, including when designing a website.

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