Who is Aurone, the number 1 digital marketing agency in SEO and SEA?

Aurone is a digital marketing agency of reference in terms of SEO and SEA. With 15 years of experience in the field, the agency has the merit of mastering both natural referencing and paid referencing.

Thanks to its expertise, Aurone can make your site visible on Google, but not only that. Below is an update on the strengths of this digital agency.

A web marketing agency expert in SEO

In digital marketing, the services of an agency expert in SEO and SEA like Aurone are a must for businesses. This professional can offer you tailor-made support in your web projects to make your site visible on Google. It also works to help you attract targeted traffic.

To do this, the agency’s team of experts offers both commercial referencing and natural referencing. In terms of SEO, Aurone is implementing a strategy bringing together actions that are resistant to Google updates. In addition, the digital marketing agency optimizes the content of your site, its structure, and its technical performance in order to improve its visibility.

Google Ads certified, Aurone is also the reference when it comes to paid referencing. Its specialists provide you with their expertise in optimizing ad campaigns. Their know-how allows you to obtain immediate notoriety thanks to the use of relevant and specific keywords for your strategy.

Aurone brings together multidisciplinary specialists and experts in the levers of digital marketing

To develop the visibility of your company on the web, Aurone relies in particular on the promotion of your digital content. To achieve this, the agency provides you with a team of multidisciplinary experts. These activate various levers according to the digital marketing strategy designed for you.

Aurone thus brings together specialists from very varied backgrounds, each with strong expertise in their field. The agency’s team includes web marketers, Google Adwords specialists, traffic managers, and even SEO editors.

Such a team allows you to benefit from a complete digital marketing service with a single contact. Enough to facilitate the coherence of your strategy and its deployment.

The strengths of the digital marketing agency Aurone

To position your site on the first page of Google results, the digital marketing agency Aurone gives you the benefit of its main assets.

Study of high-performance keywords

Since natural referencing is largely based on keywords, Aurone experts make sure to choose those that are the most relevant and effective for your strategy. This allows you to generate qualified traffic on your site and maximize conversion into customers.

A tailor-made service that maximizes your return on investment

At Aurone, it is customary to immerse yourself in your field of activity and understand the needs of your business. This way of working allows the agency to design a tailor-made digital marketing strategy and help you make the right decision. Ultimately, this will maximize your return on investment.

A comprehensive monthly performance report

Aurone also provides you with a comprehensive report of your site’s performance each month. In addition, its web marketing consultant takes stock with you to adjust the strategy if necessary.

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